Ultra portable, motorized table-top dolly to create linear or curved camera motions on flat surfaces + wireless connectivity with edelkrone motorized heads.
An ingenious mechanical design with backlash free gears.
Super quiet operation with Ultra Silent Step Motor Driver Technology.
Easy low speed control for macro shots.
Compact and very light body.
Great balance on surface thanks to 5-point contact and 2 suspension wheels.
Built-in Wifi module for future updates.
LANC port for better remote camera management.
Wireless connectivity to HeadONE and HeadPLUS.
Move your camera on flat surfaces
Linear virtual track
DollyONE provides linear slides by default. You can either use it for regular slide motion or dolly in/out shots. You can easily select several points on the straight line and make DollyONE slide to any of those points. You can also put DollyONE in a loop between any of the two points.
Curved virtual track (360°)
DollyONE can create a circular path around any target you choose. The easy path creation wizard will let you create the desired curved track easily. No measuring tools required. You can later select several points on the curved path and make DollyONE go to any of them for amazing parallax shots. You can also put it in a loop between any two points for interview shots.
This video does not represent the actual motion speeds of the devices. Please check the tech specs to learn more about the actual device top speeds.
Single App to control all
edelkrone App cleverly scans the available devices in its surroundings and pairs with them automatically, giving you a single screen to control all devices together.

The interface is extremely simple.

Use the controls on the top part of the App screen to set the pose of your camera. Press and hold on any of the keypose buttons to record that pose. Use the same button to recall that pose. It’s that simple. Press 2 keyposes to put the system in loop between both keyposes.

You can adjust the speed and acceleration of the transition between keyposes. Or, you can easily create time-lapse videos by using the same keyposes.

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edelkrone App (Screen Shot 01)
The App shows you this control screen when there is only one motorized dolly discovered around. Notice the path button on the side which takes you into path creation wizard.
edelkrone App (Screen Shot 02)
When you combine your Dolly with HeadONE, this is the control panel you will see. If you add 2 HeadONEs, the tilt adjustment will also appear on the screen.
edelkrone App (Screen Shot 03)
When you combine your Dolly with the HeadPLUS, the App gives you this 5-axis control screen including the focus adjustment. Notice the Target Mode button also becomes available at the bottom for smart target tracking.
edelkrone App (Screen Shot 04)
After you complete recording a motion, this is the screen which lets you replay the motion recorded. You can also convert it into a time-lapse or stop-motion via this screen.
edelkrone App (Screen Shot 05)
This is the time-lapse setup screen. First, enter the time-lapse duration and interval. Next, select the starting and ending keyposes. This way, you will achieve a nice motion time-lapse video transitioning between both keyposes.
edelkrone App (Screen Shot 06)
When you setup your time-lapse, instead of entering a static interval, you can enter dynamic interval with the help of this graphic. So, you can have an alternating speed of time in your time-lapse video. This will not affect the speed of your camera motion.
edelkrone App (Screen Shot 07)
You can use this static step size adjustment to introduce smooth starts and stops to your motion time-lapse video.
edelkrone App (Screen Shot 08)
When you turn on the dynamic step size mode, you can alter the speed of your camera motion throughout your time-lapse video. This graphic helps you adjust the speed of your motion easily.
Super easy Motion Time-Lapse Programming
Setting up a motion time-lapse is the easiest with edelkrone App. In your time-lapse videos, you can have a simple transition between two keyposes or you can convert a recorded complex camera motion into a time-lapse with a single button.

You can use edelkrone’s unique Dynamic Interval and Dynamic Step Size Technologies to introduce never-before-seen efects to your time-lapses which bend the speed of time and speed of camera motion independently of each other. Such advanced and unique features have never come together with such simplicity prior to the edelkrone App.
Super Accurate Backlash-free Gear Design
All edelkrone motorized products use the same backlash-free gear design technology for perfectly repeatable, smooth motion for even the most demanding shots. Even the most portable edelkrone devices have heavy-duty gears assuring lifetime good performance.
Ultra Silent Step Motor Driving Technology
Ultra Silent Step Motor Driving Technology
All edelkrone motorized devices have a unique silent step motor driving technology which combines ultra precise step motor positioning ability with ultra silent operation. Step motors are perfect for precise motion control but until now their downside has been the noise they make. With edelkrone motorized devices, you will get the world’s most precise positioning with the quietest performance.
edelkrone Motion Control System Introduction Video
This video introduces the devices in our motion control ecosystem and describes the commonly-shared key features of these devices.

After watching this video, you will discover the unique features that give amazing powers to creators and see why edelkrone is one of the leaders in the motion control industry.
DollyONE user manual videos
Be sure to watch user manual videos to get the most out of your edelkrone.